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Saturday, June 30, 2018





See GreenUltramarine (self released) :: When she’s not busy waxing philosophical on “Are You Happy” like some kinda latter-day female George Harrison (“Are you losin’ focus when you need to find it? ’Cause your tape is rolling and you can’t rewind it!”), multi-instrumentalist Courtney Green is busy waxing rhetorical on three additional dreamy synth-soaked throwback tracks like some kinda latter-day female Todd Rundgren in his Something/Anything? pure pop heyday. And although Courtney’s chirpy cooing can cajole your cajones, don’t make the mistake of confusing her whimsy for weakness ’cause she can also kick like a government mule. Go ahead, ignore her.


Friend Slash LoverAs American As Ones And Zeros (self released) :: The sonic scent of early arch-histrionic Bowie fused with the dry wry wit of early angst-ridden Sparks. Could use more of a dance beat, though.


Truth PanelPreliminary Hearing (self released) :: This one gets bonus points awarded right off the top for having a smart band name and an equally brainy album title that conceptually fits the former. Even better, the band actually lives up to that initial assertion by offering up eleven tracks that sound like Ian Hunter refereeing a back alley balladeer brawl between Elliott Murphy and Leonard Cohen with the Tragically Hip serving as special guest enforcer. Points deducted for having an atrociously abysmal album cover and brutally banal band logo, both of which should’ve been credited to “Medusa” because one look at either of them will turn you into stone.


Friend Slash Loverfriendslashlover.remixed (self released) :: Now this is more like it! Aquarhythms meets Nash The Slash on this senses-expanding four track extended player that’s one of the best remix records I’ve heard since the League Unlimited Orchestra’s Love And Dancing—and how long has it been since that little gem came out? Exactly.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: T-Model Ford and GravelRoadTaledragger (Alive) :: T-Model Ford is this gravelly voiced gazillion-year-old bluesman who’s got more hot spunk loaded in the little finger of his left hand than you’ve got in your entire spuzzy wang dang doodle—and that goes double for alla youse loose wimmens; triple for alla youse tight ones. Meanwhile, GravelRoad is the three young gun-slingin’ spuds who have the honor of backin’ up T-Model Ford as he wails righteously on these eight titanic testifyin’ tracks. Believe you me, this is the authentic blooze sound that Jimmy Page sold his sordid soul to snatch, but never managed to snare. Bonus points for the monochromatic cover photography by my old confrère Mr. Robert Matheu because, as we all know, you can get T-Model Ford in any color you like, just as long as it’s black.


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