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Saturday, August 24, 2019





ValdyViva Valdy: Live At Last (Rack-On-Tour) :: The troubadour you can trust who gave us the enduring “Rock ’n’ Roll Song” is back with a double album that’s one side live, one side studio, and both sides wow.


Day Of InfamyRed Autumn (DOI) :: The Everly Brothers meet Audioslave. Wake up, little snoozie.


KasabianKasabian (RCA) :: Dylan joins the Strawberry Alarm Clock and records a trippy stoner album.


SkindredBabylon (Lava) :: I’d rather hear Jar Jar Binks babble on than listen to this snore-bore in a grotty dread.


UPOThe Heavy (DRT) :: If the Home Shopping Channel ran a music network for zirconium metal bands, these guys would be No. 1 with a mullet.


Blue Öyster CultWe’re Cooking For You (MEnu262) :: The Cult contributes recipes to a fan cookbook. I remember when they used to cook in the studio instead.


Dennis DeYoungThe Music of Styx Live With Symphony Orchestra (Grand Illusion) :: And with a donation to PBS of only $150, you’ll get a copy of the new double CD plus the DVD!


Eddie From OhioThis Is Me (Virginia Soul) :: Literate lyrics, earnest songwriting, honey-flavored female vocals.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The BeatnutsMilk Me (Penalty Recordings) :: I was gonna end by warning ya about this sexist cover photo which shows a lissome Nubian goddess reclining in a skimpy lime green bikini while thick creamy white liquid is poured all over her glistening ebony endowments but, wouldn’t ya know it, I’m plumb out of room.


Be seeing you!

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