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Saturday, September 21, 2019





Ray Wylie HubbardDelirium Tremolos (Philo/Rounder) :: If you’re in the market for a new country blues album, give this instant classic by old mutha Hubbard a shot. Another reason to believe: Faces stalwart Ian “Mac” McLagan works the Hammond B-3 on several tracks.


Neal Schoni On U (Favored Nations) :: Journey-man Schon rises above the synth backing tracks to craft an instrumental guitar album that’s part silky David Gilmour and part psycho Jeff Beck. Too bad he’d rather play with himself than be in a real band, though.


Soul SirkusWorld Play (Soul Sirkus) :: Well whaddya know? Schon upgrades to actual human beings! If you still proudly listen to old Sammy Hagar albums, then this thud’s for you.


Burn The 8-TrackThe Ocean (Abacus) :: These four guys aren’t old enough to remember vinyl, let alone an 8-track. But they are mature enough to make an album that’s powerful and passionate.


Liam TitcombLiam Titcomb (Columbia) :: Canada’s answer to John Mellencamp is a long-haired pretty boy who writes hand-clappin’ good-time music including a little ditty called “Get Down” that actually does.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Vanessa WilliamsEverlasting Love (Lava) :: Need some ’70s make-out music? Then slide in and take this VW for a ride that’s so smooth you could cut a diamond in the back seat. My favorite track is the Kraftwerkian “Tuning,” which consists of nothing but Vanessa tuning in different radio stations. Really.


Be seeing you!

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