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Saturday, November 9, 2019





The RaveonettesPretty In Black (Columbia) :: They’re just like the Lords Of Acid only without the acid.


Hanin EliasFuture Noir (Cochon) :: The female Gary Numan makes a techno Nico record. Who will love Alanis Sane?


SpitalfieldStop Doing Bad Things (Victory) :: Stop making bad albums.


Mem ShannonI’m From Phunkville (Last Load) :: Ah’m frum Missoura, an’ dis heah silky smood funk elpee sho’nuff dun showed me, yass’um!


Doug SahmThe Return Of The Formerly Brothers (Stony Plain) :: Sir Douglas serves up a steamin’ slice of Cajun swamp-wop with a side order of early Chicano honky-tonk Tex-Mex rock ’n’ roll. Would you like some Canuckistan country boogie with that?


The CurtainsVehicles Of Travel (Frenetic) :: Skillfully scattershot, ethereal and ambient, these charming childhood chakras will have your head driftfully grazing the ceiling.


Andy Stochansky100 (Interscope) :: Andy’s an amped-up Elliott Murphy for the 21st century with songs that are just as good and a heart that’s just as big.


The DeadlyThe Wolves Are Here Again (Pluto) :: Bone-pulverizing Jimmy Page guitar riffs. Slaughterhouse screamo Tom Verlaine vocals. What’s not to like?


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The Valley ArenaTake Comfort In Strangers (Astro Magnetics) :: The chunky guitars and punky vocals are reason enough to stick around, but it’s the unexpected John Bonham power drumming by Carlos de la Garza that keeps this train from derailing.


Be seeing you!

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