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Saturday, January 11, 2020





Daphne Loves DerbyOn The Strength Of All Convinced (Outlook) :: Tie your brother down! Freddie Mercury joins Wings!


KraftwerkMinimum-Maximum (EMI) :: What’s the speed limit on Information Highway 69? Clickety-split.


The Hurt ProcessA Heartbeat Behind (Victory) :: Are you ready for the CSNY of screamo? Me neither.


The PagesCreatures Of The Earth (Unsound) :: Heads they’re an electric Kingston Trio, tails they’re a folkie Velvet Underground.


JobriathCreatures Of The Street (Elektra) :: Even at his summer-camp swishiest he’s still heavier than Xiu “Yoo Hoo” Xiu.


SybrisSybris (Flameshovel) :: Take a banana peel and throw it down the stairs! Siouxsie Sioux joins the Velvets!


The Evil QueensFirst It Boils, Then It Spills (Addison) :: Finally it hardens into this hot steamin’ slab of heavy molten rock.


Pointed SticksPerfect Youth (Sudden Death) :: Whatever you do, make sure you don’t overlook this excellent reissue of infectious good-time new-wave power pop from 1980.


The Number Twelve Looks Like Younuclear. sad. nuclear. (Eyeball) :: I’m not ready for flamenco screamo either.


UlverBlood Inside (Jester) :: She’s giving me bad vibrations! Diamanda Galás joins the Beach Boys!


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: OdiorneHeavy Wish (File 13) :: This echoing pop album begins by using the watery tremulous horns from “It’s Only A Northern Song” and concludes by being the orchestral trance record that Yellow Submarine should’ve been.


Be seeing you!

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