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Saturday, February 1, 2020





The Amino AcidsDestroy The Warming Sun! (Bowlophonic) :: And you thought Apple was a stupid name for a record label.


The Ribeye BrothersBar Ballads And Cautionary Tales (Times Beach) :: They pump a hot Farfisa and aren’t afraid to quote Roberto Duran screaming “No mas! No mas!” This just might be the boozy band Jim Morrison would’ve formed had he gotten out of that tub in Paris.


VoltageBuilding The Bass Castle, Volume 1 (Flameshovel) :: Spastic and sporadic retarded guitar instrumentals that are fretfully confused and prone to wandering.


DemanderDemander (Triplicate) :: Now here’s an album that just reeks of strident fem attitude—which I guess is to be expected given that some of the band members have played in the company of Nancy Sinatra. But don’t be misled because their punky pop boots are made for stalkin’ and one of these days, well, you know.


High On FireBlessed Black Wings (Relapse) :: As you might hope, producer Steve “Skinng” Albini gets a ferocious sound out of these guys. Then the guitarist, who can’t sing a note to save his life, has to go and ruin everything by opening his mouth.


MotörheadOrgasmatron (GWR) :: Not that I have anything against guys who can’t sing opening their mouths, mind you.


Xiu XiuSings The Cole Porter Songbook (5RC) :: Then again...


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The Aminio AcidsDestroy The Warming Sun! (Bowlophonic) :: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but this “Telstar” meets “Out of Limits” sonic sliver fuses a holy-cow campabilly cornball aesthetic with a lowbrow thrashabilly scrounge mentality. It’s got a bleat, you can sheep to it; I give it a Sven.


Be shearing you!

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