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Saturday, February 22, 2020





Corb LundHair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer (Stony Plain) :: Maybe I ain’t been listenin’ carefully, but I ain’t heard an album with yoyo yodelin’ on it since Eno’s ululatin’ “Seven Deadly Finns.” Well, thanks to this fine fiddlin’ country album, I stand corrected. Bonus points for letting Ramblin’ Jack Elliott sing.


NuralThe Weight Of The World (Hopeless) :: What separates these teens from their boring older brethren is an ability to vary the beat and have a Geddy-esque singer who seems to know what the word “passion” means.


Mediaeval BaebesMirabilis (Nettwerk) :: What we got here are eight—count ’em, eight—come-hither hotties who’ve managed to come up with an ethereal Celtic cross between Mike Oldfield’s Ommadawn and Jethro Tull’s Songs From The Woods. I kid ye not.


Loren DriveRomantic Wealth (Lobster) :: More like a pedantic wealth of angst-driven drivel.


Otis Taylor – Below The Fold (Telarc) :: The next time someone tells you that the art of storytelling songwriting is dead, play them this intelligent brain-blistering blues album that sounds like an archival roots recording but is as vital as the blood coursing through your veins.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The Click FiveGreetings From Imrie House (Lava) :: Yeah, yeah, yeah, their name is meant to evoke Dave Clark’s saxified beat combo, but this new Five alive jive straddles the gap betwixt Cheap Trick and the Cars, with a Strawberries dollopdash guaranteed to keep your tail wagging. And each copy contains a different bubble gum card, so collect them all.


Be seeing you!

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