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Saturday, March 28, 2020





ColdA Different Kind Of Pain (Flip) :: Coldplay. Coldpain. Coldpause. Coldeject. Coldreject.


Yip-YapPro-Twelve Thinker (Strictly Amateur Films) :: If the names Korg, Roland, Casio and Stylophone mean anything to you, then you just might enjoy the primitive electronics krafted on this sparse sampling of snatches.


Brian BlainOverqualified For The Blues (Northern Blues) :: Now here’s something you don’t hear every day: a bluesman singin’ the blues about how lousy the blues singin’ business is these days, and that’s a twist worthy of Ron Mael, who was a crotchety old bluesman himself in his own wry way.


Boris With MerzbowSun Baked Snow Cave (Hydra Head) :: One track, one hour long. An electro acoustic environmental excursion that makes Eno’s early ambient albums sound like Motörhead on speed—if that’s not too oxymoronic for ya.


LilituThe Delores Lesion (The End) :: They sound like they’ve been watching David Fincher’s Se7en a touch too much, but this just may be screamo prog rock at its best.


Conjure OneExtraordinary Ways (Nettwerk) :: MainMan touted Dana Gillespie as the female David Bowie, but the way this dish phrases comes a lot closer.


The MyriadYou Can’t Trust A Ladder (Floodgate) :: But you can trust the singer to shamelessly ape Bono.


Agents Of The SunMonarchs Of A Fallen Society (DCide) :: OK, so maybe shamelessly aping Bono isn’t such a grievous sin after all.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Rogue WaveDescended Like Vultures (Sub Pop) :: Paul McCartney? Todd Rundgren? Brian Wilson? No, it’s the return of Zach Rogue, whose new pop album is every bit as good as last year’s Out Of The Shadows.


Be seeing you!

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