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Saturday, June 6, 2020





Demented Are Go Hellbilly Storm (Hep Cat) :: Stray Cats meet Alice Cooper. So go.


Anajani — Blue Alert (Columbia) :: After seeing Anajani One-Name and her boy toy slash co-writer slash producer Leonard Cohen performing together last month, a good friend who knows his stuff reported back that she sure can sing. And because his word is good enough for me, I’m saved the trouble of having to slash the shrink wrap and actually listen to this one myself.


Danielle MiragliaNothing Romantic (CD Freedom) :: “When I cry out loud you stick a dollar in my mouth,” she laments. “I suck the nipple dry until I realize that there’s no milk coming out.” Now I ask you: was ever an album more aptly titled?


Iggy & The StoogesRaw Power (Columbia) :: Yes.


SchulzWhat Apology (Sudden Death) :: Guenter Schulz splits from the KMFDM bawdy politick and hires Jeff Borden to sing this witty set of wiry muscular guitar-driven pop rock that’s utterly delightful.


nearLYreminder (Kufala) :: Jerome Dillon splits from the NIN nihilism schism and hires Claudia Same to sing this somber set of suicidal songs that, although beautifully recorded, are utterly malignant. Do not be seduced by the dark side. Choose light.


Exene Cervenka & The Original SinnersSev7en (Nitro) :: Doxy Exy stumbles out of bed with a tangy twangy dissipated disc full of sloppy schlockabilly songs that reek of cheap cooch and watered-down hooch. The money’s on the dresser. Now get out.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The PlaywrightsEnglish Self Storage (Sink & Stove) :: Not since Sparks in their high-octane speed-freak heyday or Yes at their most vexingly complex has such a delightful album been recorded that doesn’t pause to catch its breath. Not a moment of dead space exists as the swirlwind of lyrics merges with the vertiginous music; all in all, a very impressive feat given that even Russell Mael and Jon Anderson had to come up gasping for air once in a while.


Be seeing you!

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