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Saturday, July 11, 2020





The Philosopher KingsCastles (Sony BMG) :: This is the album of the year!*


The Brought LowRight On Time (Small Stone) :: Dual guitar stereo high jinks in the sonic service of some hooch-swillin’ Southern-fried blues rock.


Cult Of Sue ToddKelsey Grammer Loves Us (NachoBake) :: Geeky atonally adenoidal spasmodal nerd music that shoulda been called “Cult Of Gerry Todd” in tribute to SCTV’s legendary video pioneer.


The Sharp EaseRemain Instant (Olfactory) :: As much as I liked their first album, I like this new one a whole lot more ’cause it’s a feminized version of analog Television, only with an additional upgrade of HDTV girl power.


MothraMothra (self-released) :: Ah, so! Preased to be ristening to this furious female screamo that could kick Reptilicus’ scales in a Japanese minute!


Imaad WasifImaad Wasif (Kill Rock Stars) :: The front cover shows him pecking out his lyrics on an old Underwood as if he were the acoustic second coming of Joseph Strummer—or maybe even better.


Porcelain YouthThe Therapy Sessions EP (V2) :: Super chunk heavy thunk from Korny punks who…I can’t even think up a word that rhymes.


PanurgeWalking In The Fog (Last Gang) :: There ain’t nobody who conjures the mischievous art rock spirit of Kevin Ayers better than Panurge, so I’m pleased as punch to report that they’re back with yet another soft machine of clever ethereal pop. Bonus points for taking my advice and getting better album cover art.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Five Horse JohnsonThe Mystery Spot (Small Stone) :: I was gonna crack wise about stallion wangs squirtin’ out hot shot spots of unknown origin. Then I listened to this album and realized it was no joke ’cause this Led Steppenwolf studfest is nothing less than filthy blues rock at its absolute sleaziest, well-hung, ball-blastin’ best. Recorded in Ferndale. Overdubbed in Ypsilanti. Mastered in Ann Arbor. But of course.


*If you like emasculated sensitive girly-man music.


Be seeding you!

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