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Saturday, August 1, 2020





The 101Numbers (Limekiln) :: Angsters ape oldster Phil Collins.


The AlrightsHigh School (City Canyons) :: Well alright! Ah think ah busta vessel in muh eardruhms listenin’ tuh this clevah Beatlesque extravuhganza. Ah hope they don’t leak owt. Yuh don’t want muh eardruhms to leak owt, now, do yuh?


HeadleyHeadley (Capitol) :: Music to Vaseline your tattooed arms by.


XasthurSubliminal Genocide (Hydra Head) :: Xasthurbation.


TeiturStay Under The Stars (Equator) :: He could be the new Jon Anderson, only the Yes man never recorded a live-in-Copenhagen string quartet version of “Great Balls of Fire” nor a London studio tribute to Satchmo called—wait for it—“Louie Louie.”


The StraysLe Futur Noir (TVT) :: Look, if I want a record with a French title I’ll move to France. This is America. Speak English.


David Lee RothSonrisa Salvaje (Warner Bros.) :: Or Spanish.


Los NatasEl Hombre Montana (Small Stone) :: Hola! Jimi Hendrix meets Speedy Gonzales on this forged-in-Argentina slab of Mexmetal. Como?


SIZZLING DEBATE OF THE WEEK: Perry Como – “Dig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba)” (RCA) :: “It’s always fair weather when hep cats get together. And every time they meet, here’s the way you’ll hear them greet. A hubba-hubba-hubba, let’s shoot some breeze: Say, whatever happened to the Japanese? I got it from a guy who was in the know: It was mighty smoky over Tokyo! A friend of mine in a B-29 dropped another load for luck. As he flew away, he was heard to say: ‘A hubba-hubba-hubba, yuk-yuk!’ So be on your way and I will dig you later in the U.S.A.!”


Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – “Hiroshima” (Bearsville) :: And now for an opposing viewpoint.


Be seeing you!

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