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Saturday, August 29, 2020





Leeroy StaggerDepression River (Boompa) :: Stagger Lee serves up another haunting slab of country rock. “The forest is burnin’ from a half-lit cigarette; take what you can, go as far as you can get” is the kind of line Busta “Nursery Rhyme” Dylan wishes he could still write.


Ad Astra Per AsperaCatapult Calypso (Sonic Unyon) :: Smart enough to be good musicians but stupid enough to let a mental retard scream their vocals on Track 1, thus ensuring that I never got to Track 2.


Blinded ColonyBedtime Prayers (Pivotal) :: Meet the new dross. Same as the old dross.


The Blue VanDear Independence (TVT) :: Pseudo-sloppy and portentously pretentious in a rote Romantics wannabe way.


New Year’s DayNew Year’s Day (TVT) :: Chirpy perky femme-inflected pouty power pop with a breathy dash of Mercurial punkette posturing.


The NeinLuxury (Sonic Unyon) :: Dissipated and disjointed, this ambitious aural collage evokes Beatle John at his most experimentally nonracist wasted.


Royal WoodA Good Enough Day (Dead Daisy) :: Piano-driven gospel-fuelled melodies merge with soulful singing and Claptonesque guitar playing. Mucho recomendado.


Various ArtistsThe Family Values Tour 2006 (Firm) :: Thrashasaurs Korn and the Deftones defer their extinction with this dynamic album of caustic rock songs. Bonus points for not including Fred Durst.


Shaw/BladesInfluence (VH1) :: Mellosaurs Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades extend their distinction with this delightful album of classic rock songs. Bonus points for not including Rod Stewart.


Ten Second EpicCount Yourself In (Black Box) :: Until these guys listen to the Diodes and hear how professionals do it, count me out.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Of MontrealHissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Polyvinyl) :: Robin Scott’s M meets Bill Nelson’s Red Noise via Ron and Russell’s Sparks on this Eurofried synth-pop art rock album. Miss it at your own risk.


Be seeing you!

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