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Saturday, October 17, 2020





PeelerEvils Of The Modern Pleasure Dance (Angel Green) :: The boozy bozo “HEY YEAH! SO! COME ON! YEAH!” caterwaul which opens this album makes it pretty obvious that Craig Peeler has his Yo! Jimbo! shtick down pat, especially on heavy stonerdelic songs like “Half Past High.”


The DoorsAbsolutely Live (Elektra) :: Lout it, lout it, lout it out loud!


The CinematicsBreak EP (TVT) :: And you thought that skinny leather tie of yours from Japan would never come back in vogue.


The DarnsWhat It All Turns Into (self released) :: These guys sound like a ’70s new wave version of the Tragically Hip, so you can expect a lot more in the way of unexpected variety.


AbernethyCollege Grove (Spinning Gold) :: A voice that’s a creepy cross between John Cale (“Going Home”) and Eno (“Queer Bright”) and mauve music that sounds like side three of This End Up.


Explosions In The SkyAll Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (Temporary Residence) :: I’m a soft touch for instrumental art rock albums, even ones with an surfeit of bombastic Bonzo drumming. Must be all them explosions.


Arthur DodgeThe Perfect Face (Remedy) :: It says a lot about Arthur Dodge’s songwriting ability that the only cover version he does on this tasteful country album—“San Diego Serenade” by Tom Waits—is the worst written one of the lot.


POLITICALLY NAÏVE PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Jen MilitiaBerlin Boot Camp (Digilog) :: The bad news is that Canada’s answer to Rage Against The Machine uses Maoist imagery from communist China to sell their tawdry wares. The good news is that they don’t wear T-shirts featuring the face of mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara. I guess they don’t want to look like Carlos Santana.


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