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Saturday, March 6, 2021



SIZZLING SOUNDTRACK OF THE WEEK: James Hyman - A Quentin Tarantino Mash-Up :: (A James Hyman/Audio Shrapnel Feature Presentation) :: So you all will know the seriousness of my warning, I shall say this in English. James Hyman, a highly respected UK tube 'n' flick music industry veteran and dizzbusting Saturday night radio DJ on London's XFM, has skillfully stitched together an extraordinary audiologue that effectively encapsulates the stylistic offbeat essence of multifaceted movies like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

That's because James Hyman's A Quentin Tarantino Mash-Up is an absolute bona fide bravura masterpiece that doesn't drop the beat once, all right? Clocking in at an extensively exhaustive 78 minutes, this gargantuan-I've always liked that word-55 track epic not only features music and dialogue from QT's first four movies, it also includes vital spoken word passages from rarely heard promo-only albums like Truth And Fiction. Toss in an astute selection of other inspirational like-minded songs that QT never used in any of his films-but sure wishes he had-and you'll know why Tarantino himself gave this marathon magnum opus his certified cool Red Apple seal of approval once he heard it.

After all, where else can you hear the Beatles backing Elvis Presley or Missy Elliott doing a duet with Steelers Wheel or Britney Spears joining the stacked cast of Girls Who Love Guns or QT himself singing "My Sharona" with the Knack after competing in a rap throwdown with Andre 3000-all masterfully mixed into one seamless thematically linked soundscape?

This must-have album is essential listening because it's the only QT LP you'll ever need. Unfortunately, just like a Hattori Hanzo sword, A Quentin Tarantino Mash-Up is priceless and not for sale-not even in El Paso. But go to anyway and see if you can buy one-no matter what the cost-because this unrelenting aural canvas of carnage 'n' comedy proves that James Hyman is the all-time undisputed modern master of the mash-up, all right?

Be seeing you!

Sat, March 6, 2021 | link 

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