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Saturday, April 11, 2020





Thine Eyes BleedIn The Wake Of Separation (The End) :: Mine ears bleed.


Wolf ParadeApologies To Queen Mary (Sub Pop) :: What if Bowie and Ronson had recorded Hunky Dory while stewed to the gills on a case of scotch?


The Dead ScienceFrost Giant (Absolutely Kosher) :: Nasty canasta Mexicano melodies merged with woozy wasted wastrel wails.


DetonationPortals To Uphobia (Osmose Productions) :: Prog metal? I dunno, but it’s amazing how palatable screamo vocals can be when they’re shored up by solid production and a relentless brace of burgeoning bludgeoning beats.


Aaron LinesWaitin’ On The Wonderful (BMG) :: He may strike a Paddy Smiff meets Zimmer pose on the inner tray photo, but he sure sings like the sincere second coming of classic country.


Epoch Of UnlightThe Continuum Hypothesis (The End) :: Gosh, I miss The Obsessed.


Agents Of The SunMonarchs Of A Fallen Society (DCide) :: What at first blush appears to be the usual slapdash hodgepodge of generic angst pop is quickly quelled by the swirling dashes of Kirk Hammett guitar work.


ABSUMythological Occult Metal 1991-2001 (Osmose Productions) :: And then this compilation of feelth metal’s greatest grates and rarest wracks comes along to show everyone where it began and who to blame.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: ChromelodeonHeart Of Sawdust (Bloodlink) :: Any band that names itself after an obscure Harry Partch work gets my vote right off the bat—especially when they title their six songs an economically minimal “One” through “Six.” But when all six are prog rock instrumentals á la Nash The Slash, well, when I say I’m in love, you best believe I’m in love, l-u-v.


Be seeing you!

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