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Saturday, April 18, 2020





Cab CallowayMinnie The Moocher And Me (Crowell) :: The Professor of Swingformation could teach all the crude dudes a thing or two about being cool. How cool? Cool enough to play poker with Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson in The Cincinnati Kid, that’s how cool.


Days Like TheseInventure (Lobster) :: Introspective angst at its prattling portentous best!


DramaramaEverybody Dies (33rd Street) :: This Chris Carter-less wandering refried glam reunion sure ain’t the Everyothers. Velvet Genesis, maybe.


PaulsonAll At Once (One Day Savior) :: Singing so flat it makes Ellen Foley look like Pandora Peaks.


VooDoo BlueSmile ’N Nod (DCide) :: Oh boy, almond Oy!


Trespassers WilliamHaving (Nettwerk) :: Languid squid music that evokes Julee Cruise at her most ethereal.


HellaConcentration Face/Homeboy (5rc) :: I like naked chicks on album covers, but Blind Faith and Electric Ladyland never gave me a primo screamo headache.


Harry ManxMantra For Madmen (Dog My Cat) :: The modern master of the mohan veena is back with another round of intelligent Indian blues that’s well worth listening to.


Head Wound CityHead Wound City (Three.One.G) :: Seven shots in 10 minutes? Lee Harvey Oswald got off half that many in six seconds.


The Fully DownDon’t Get Lost In A Movement (Fearless) :: Introspective angst at its prattling portentous best!


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Fireball MinistryTheir Rock Is Not Our Rock (Liquor and Poker) :: Attention shoppers! Step this way for hard-rock mayhem just like your rummy old man used to get juiced and pass out to. Last year they were Black Sabbath. This year they’re KISS. Who will they be next year? Angel? Starz?


Be seeing you!

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