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Saturday, April 25, 2020





James FreyA Million Little Pieces (Doubleday) :: He who makes a liar out of himself gets rid of the burden of being honest. Indeed. Which means we’ll never get to see an Oprah’s Book Club sticker on the cover of the 45th anniversary edition of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, eh?


Dr. Hunter S. Thompson1937-2005 (R.I.P.) :: Has it been fifteen years already?


Glamour PussBluesman’s Prayer (Northern Blues) :: The opening track is a bald-faced rewrite of “The Weight,” which pretty much explains why these Pussies sound just like The Band.


JourneyGenerations (Sanctuary) :: If you use only one glossy prog rock album to test drive your next pair of high-end speakers, make it this one.


Melissa O’NeilMelissa O’Neil (Sony BMG) :: Wherein the generic winner of Canadian Idol uses her generic voice to record a generic album guaranteed to generate genuine generic apathy.


Rex GoudieUnder The Lights (Sony BMG) :: So does the generic runner-up.


GüajiroGüajiro (Achala) :: Punk bands are a ripe dime a dozen, but a punk band that sounds like they’re straight outta 1976? Now that’s what I call speaking my language!


Watermelon Slim & The WorkersWatermelon Slim & The Workers (Northern Blues) :: Crust-laden smut-soaked Tijuana Bible Belt blues ejerkulated out by a stain-shootin’ cranky old wank that’ll have you itchin’ for a hot Clorox shower.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson (Margaritaville) :: You can thank Jimmy Buffett for this ace audio adaptation, which features the voices of Harry Dean Stanton, Maury Chaykin, Jim Jarmusch, Dan Castellaneta, Buck Henry, Laraine Newman, Harry Shearer and, yes, even Raoul Duke himself. Indeed.


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